Friday, May 1, 2009

Why you should drink espresso.

My trip to the coffee store this morning proved inspirational to the following list while I drove to work.

  1. It's cheaper than a venti non-fat mochachino with a shot of caramel... a double espresso is always less than three bucks. Save two dollars a morning times three mornings a week times one year and you could buy this.
  2. It's what you want... you drink coffee for the caffiene. Anything added is fluff.
  3. You get to be a purist. No greater way to start the day than a knowing smile from a barista, the third hardest group of people to impress (after IRS Agents and prospective mothers-in-law).
  4. It's more consistent. Every pour of espresso is certainly different but when you add the barista, three other ingredients, and the morning rush to your coffee who knows what your going to end up with in the cup. First thing in the morning is not the time for surprises.
  5. It's faster. During rush, baristas tend to have every espresso machine pouring at any given time its possible. If all they have to do is pour yours in a cup, you'll usually be in your car by the time the two guys before you get their coffee.
  6. It's cleaner. Ever drop a venti mocha valencia in your car? My five year old could carry the 2 to 4 ounces of liquid in that espresso container on a roller coaster and not spill it.
  7. It's healthier. Its the drink you get now, minus the sugar and fat.


B.L. said...

i gotta say, you're blogs are always interesting...

Barbara said...

Zandolce lorgacap - ketespacia timo ogni neghie cone, querri belo? Wato homoso di - geocui in ten. Xava in, guetao. Il wietal di.