Friday, May 8, 2009

Of Note...

This month's British GQ brings us:
  • A humorous op-ed piece called The bonfire of the pieties by Dylan Jones.
  • For most of us, an introduction to indie rocker Natasha Khan.
  • Several solid fashion pictorials.
  • And a nice synopsis of James Gandolfini's lastest project.
Its worth mentioning that I did not find the piece on January Jones particularly mesmerizing but it accomplished its purpose.... which was to justify the cover photo. However I will point out that this is an excellent example of what makes the British edition of the magazine much more interesting to me. Their cover ... however sexually motivated is of a 31 year old actress who can actually act and is known more for her beauty and talent than her nightlife escapades. Last month they had an interview with Eva Green. The Americans have had Lindsay Lohan twice in as many years, Megan Fox and J. Aniston. And while the latter is older and a capable actress, her placement on the cover was completely based on tormenting her ex-husband. Note to the editors: Leave the faces of the moment to Maxim and show us the characters that are actually interesting.

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